Webinar: Mitch Warner on Outward Mindset

Mitch Warner, Arbinger managing partner and author, explains the importance of mindset to our organizations in this hour-long webinar.

By the Arbinger Institute | January 23, 2018

If you’re new to Arbinger and have never heard of an outward mindset, here is a wonderful introduction.

In an hour-long webinar, Arbinger managing partner and author Mitch Warner explains what an outward mindset is and how it can be helpful to you and your organization.

You can find the free webinar here.

Discussion Highlights

The inward-outward mindset spectrum. The more we focus only on ourselves, the more inward our mindset is. The more we become alive to others and see them as people, the more outward our mindset is.

Blind to blindness. A self-focused inward mindset not only makes us unaware of the needs and objectives of others, it also makes us blind to the fact that we’re unaware.

Reputation. An outward mindset naturally develops our reputations for us, without extra effort on our part.

Collusion. We often unwittingly invite the very behaviors we think are the problem in others.

The story of Louise Francesconi. When faced with $100 million expense reduction, Louise Francesconi and her team applied Arbinger principles to find ways to meet this reduction without laying off any employees.